South America

My passion to visit South America began in middle school when I learnt about the power and beauty of the Amazon rainforest. I was so impressed with the size and how the ecosystem worked, I couldn’t wait for the day to see it in person. Since then I have been to many rainforests, I have visited Iquitos, Peru where I sailed on the Napo river which feeds into the Amazon river. I visited La Selva Lodge in Ecuador, which is only accessible by canoe as it sits on an island in the middle of the rain forest. I have been to Oso Peninsula in Costa Rica which is home to the Corcovado National Park, also a primary rain forest with amazing wildlife. Fiji, New Zealand, Australia in the South Pacific also have wonderful rainforests but there are no monkeys.

Rain forests offer an incredible biodiversity and climate. Because of the foliage that causes lots of darkness, it is quite hard to photograph animals. I have started to use a flash during my last visit in Costa Rica in 2014.