I fell in love with birds when I traveled to Botswana and I saw beautiful birds like the lilac breasted roller sitting on a branch right next to me. I had already seen many cats, elephants, wild dogs and other wildlife, one day it hit me that seeing a rare bird gave me greater excitement than seeing another cheetah or leopard. I love all animals however seeing the beauty of a bird, observing it’s behavior is much more interesting to me than seeing the obvious bigger animals. I started photographing bald eagles and with that my love for birds began. Now I go on birdwalks to learn more about them and of course I have joined the audubon society. Most people that know me know my love for birds. I get teased for it all the time, but that’s okay. Almost every person I speak to about birds will start seeing birds differently, they will start being a bit more appreciative of them because of what they now see.

I love sharing my passion for things that I love and admire and it’s great that people are open to learning more.



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